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 Forum Rules.

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Forum Rules. Empty
PostSubject: Forum Rules.   Forum Rules. Icon_minitimeWed Sep 24, 2008 6:01 pm

Actions Prohibited:
- Overusing swear words in your posts
- Scams, Porn links, Viruses, or hacks
- Advertising websites/blogs
- Disrespecting other members
- Spamming/Flooding
- Posting useless topics
- Bumping old topics
- Inappropriate avatars/pictures
- Multiple accounts, Bad usernames, or usernames to imitate other members

Threads you probably shouldn't make...
Although, it is not prohibited, you probably shouldn’t make some of the following threads:
- Topics with the main topic on posers
- Do you like _______?
- Why do you skate?
This will cause you to get negative rep. and less friends

Actions encouraged:
- Respectful/kind comments
- Being a mature user
- Helping newbies out
- Correct spelling and good grammar
- Not being aggressive over others opinions or actions

Infraction Policy:
When ever a user breaks any rule, they will get an infraction. Three infractions will get you a Permanent Ban.

- Fastfoodflip
[Forum Founder]
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Forum Rules.
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